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Trucks are the new pop-up stores

June 23, 2010

As a medium for real-life brand experiences the pop-up store has reigned supreme for almost a decade. Its been seemingly unchallenged until now, with the arrival of the food truck.

This mobile work-horse has been charging the streets for years selling mainly lower quality food to passers by, but more recently, they’ve been spotted serving restaurant meals to hipsters. Those armed with the right culinary delights have become phenoms and guarantee a crowd.

That’s why super-innovative sports media giant, ESPN deployed its own food trucks to NYC and Los Angeles to help create crowd-driven brand experiences in support its World Cup coverage.

While it would be nice for ESPN to host free food parties in the street, that would be missing a core part of the brand message, so for some added flavor, ESPN has equipped the roof of its trucks with massive television screens to make the brand experience complete.

Watch for other imitators using food trucks to create real life brand experiences that go one step beyond the pop-up

Trucks from ESPN

Posted by Ed Cotton

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