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The power of creative control- banksy and the simpsons

October 11, 2010


Banksy’s recent opening title sequence for The Simpsons confused many who had probably heard or seen about “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and assumed it was a fake of giant proportions and nothing that would ever see the light of day on American television.

However, according to sources at the NYT, it appears this isn’t a fake and Banksy might have been involved.

According to a Simpsons spokesperson.

“We went through people who made the movie, so I assume they would know the real him.”

The Simpsons has been on air for decades and is one of the most respected shows on US TV, its frequently pushed the envelope and always had a sharp take on pop culture.

Banksy’s latest effort pushes things pretty far and takes a right-handed power jab at the world of Asian outsourcing, even exploring the mythology around the production of the show itself.

Obviously, Matt Groening has pretty much full creative control of his content and as far as Fox is concerned, they can probably do little to touch him. Groening has earned his right after years of consistently high ratings that’s meant the show has generated advertising revenue in the billions for Fox.

Also, turning a blind eye and siting creative control, probably doesn’t exactly harm the ratings.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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