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Speaker interview- thomas callahan- horse cycles

November 8, 2010

Horse Cycles Day 5: Interview with Thomas from torywilliams on Vimeo.

The film above is a really nice interview directed by Tory Williams about Thomas Callahan.

We are really pleased to have Thomas as one of our speakers at our “Meet the Makers event in NY on December 3rd”.
Thomas’ brand is Horse Cycles and he hand-crafts bicycles in his Williamsburg workshop. He clearly loves his job and relishes the opportunity to craft something with his own hands.

Here’s how he describes his brand on his website.

“Horse Cycles is a one-man custom bike shop tucked away in the streets of
Brooklyn, NY. Each frame is made with love and care, innovation and
inspiration. Horse makes precision bicycles one at a time using the
best possible materials while working in concert with the customer to
improve their riding experience. Horse offers an outstanding
alternative to standard production bicycles by paying attention to the
individual to create something that is made locally, by hand, and with no limitations.”

Thomas is one of 9 speakers at our December 3rd event which includes a diverse mix of writers, magazine creators, iPad developers, brand owners, game makers and best selling authors.

You can learn more and register for the event here.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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