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5 reasons why the facebook/target collaboration is smart

September 1, 2010

The latest news that Target and Facebook getting together over gift cards for social gaming is fascinating for a number of reasons- 5 to be precise.

1. Target demonstrates relevance

The Facebook association shows that the retailer gets where the world is heading and understands the power of the brand.

2. Facebook emerges from the shadows of the virtual world

A brand that’s know for its web presence suddenly becomes physical with cards and a presence in a physical world.

3. Facebook gets mass coverage

Although the brand is already huge, this initiative gives the brand thousands of points of physical contact which can take it to a whole new level.

4. Virtual games get instant credibility

Facebook’s partners Zynga and others are huge- this access points makes social games more credible.

5. Facebook makes its first big move into e-commerce

The association with Target and the presence in the gift card space is a stepping-stone to a bigger play in the e-commerce space for Facebook, virtual gaming is the obvious start point.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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