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Disrupting categories- video games

August 10, 2010

The world of video games has become dominated by the hyper-saturated, the fast-paced and the graphically intense. Story lines have come back, but graphics still rule.

Just because it’s the norm, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for experimentation and the opportunity to transform the experience.

That’s what the Danish designers of Limbo have done with a game that defies the current category stereotypes. Instead of being hyper-colored, fast- paced with intensely realistic graphics, it’s minimal, low-fi and black and white.

Despite it’s lack of expected category charms, it’s getting rave reviews- a series of consistent 100 scores on Metacritic, for example.

More of the game can be seen here.

It’s a great example of creators who take a risk go with their intuition and create something truly original. Sure, it might not sell in Madden like quantities, but it contributes to the genre and judging from the review, leaves players wanting more. 

Posted by Ed Cotton

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