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Doctors of america- it’s time to unite

March 31, 2010

Watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC, its clear that America has a problem with its food.

The program shows us that is not well in school dining rooms; pizza is served to elementary schoolchildren as a breakfast item and the list of additives in the average lunch item stretches well into a paragraph. It reminds us that the obesity epidemic is alive and well and childhood diabetes isn’t just a nightmare, it’s a current reality.

Watching the first two shows, it was interesting to see that a local doctor only appeared once to check on the health of a family, but there future involvement and role wasn’t discuss.

There are over 100,000 family practitioners in America who surely have some responsibility not just for the health of their patients, but for their overall wellness?

How hard would it be to get them together under a coalition for a healthier America?

Such an effort would serve to prove that doctors have the best interests of their patients at heart and are prepared to stand up for wellness. This would be a stand against a pill for every ill and the idea that it’s all about taking of problems after the fact.

Think of how America rallied behind the victims of the earthquake in Haiti or how Livestrong became a huge cause and rallying cry against cancer.

America’s family practitioners should create their own brand that encourages Americans to be healthier; to exercise regularly and to eat right.

What do you think is stopping America’s doctors?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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