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The third revolution in online retail

September 20, 2010

Online retailers and physical stores with an online presence have gotten to the point where the store experience has been optimized to death.

Most online shopping experiences are bland and highly predictable, but I think all this might be about to change and the third revolution might be upon us.

The first was just getting online, the second was all about improving and enhancing the merchandising and the third is going to be all together different. 

Finally, retailers might be starting to realize that the huge advantage of having an online presence is flexibility on a scale that’s unimaginable within the context of a physical space.

Add to that, the massive opportunities that exist to integrate content and social networking tools and online retail could be looking very different within a year.

One cannot deny that the influence of Gilt and Groupon has been massive and shown these retailers how they need to be much more creative with pricing and concept.

A good example of this in action is J.Crew’s Factory store; an online store that’s only open at the weekend and sells discounted items.


This has to be one of the first manifestations of the third revolution in online retail.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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