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The appeal of the analog in a digital world

September 13, 2010

While digital technology might be all the rage and expanding at a rapid pace, it’s always interesting to see how people are looking for an alternatives.

A couple of great examples:

Lomography is a company that’s pushing and promoting the creativity of analog photography and doing a fantastic job.

They’re set to open store no2 in NYC, very soon.

While technology is finding it’s way into eating establishments- think iPads and flat screens, others are pushing more analog menu styles.

As spotted by Eater.

“…alot of casual counter
service-style restaurants opt for chalkboard menus or printed boards
above the kitchen or cash register. But in the past few months these
movie theatre concession stand-style menus have popped up at cool-kid
newcomers Pies ‘n’ Thighs, The Commodore, and M. Wells,
either as the sole menu, or as decoration. It’s as much of an
aesthetic choice as a practical one, and instantly communicates an
old-school charm.”

Further proof that it pays to think of trends as being bi-directional; for every strong theme, there’s always a powerful counterpoint.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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