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Twisting the restaurant experience

November 11, 2010

loft project

Restaurant experiences can be amazing, but you are often just one of quite a few “covers” being served that night, you have very little connection and feedback from the chef and you are distanced and not interacting with any of the other guests.

As people increasingly crave special and unique experiences, there are pioneers looking for new ways to deliver these experience and transcend the typical restaurant experience.

Nuno Mendes and Clairse Faira at The Loft Project in London are two such pioneers who invite leading up and coming chefs to cook in an intimate setting and have their guests seated at a single communal table.

Obviously, there are are tremendous number of ways in to providing new experiences for dinners, Outstanding in the Field, is another great example. Restaurants should think carefully about how they might twist the familiar into something unexpected and fresh, their audience is looking out for it. 

Via We Heart

Posted by Ed Cotton

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