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Advertising on mobile phones isn’t innovation

December 15, 2010

Horse Phone

The mobile ad platform has been with us for years and given the ubiquity of phones, it seems logical that they agencies and their clients should be using the channel to connect with the audience. It just too important to ignore and too obvious to be defined as innovative.

However, for big advertisers, anything that breaks out of the mold of TV and Print is probably regarded as highly innovative.

With Lynx (Axe to you in America) announced today that it had made an iAd, it was announced with something of a fanfare.

“Lynx is always looking for new
opportunities to engage with its audience in an innovative and creative
way. As the digital age is upon us, iAd is the best platform for us to
launch this new variant Excite to reach our target market.”

Selina Sykes- Lynx Brand Manager

“Unilever has always been
an innovator in advertising. We are now leading marketing into the
digital age where the key will be to unlock the potential of mobile.”

Keith Weed- Unilever CMO

Basically, mobile should already be a key part of any advertisers media plan and being on an iAd isn’t exactly the most innovative thing you could be doing in the mobile space. What about Android? How about creating your own applications?

Doing something in mobile today is pretty much mandatory.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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