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Facebook wants to rule the world

April 23, 2010

Facebook clearly wants to exploit its position of strength and this is not just about its 400 million users, it’s interested in using the highly personal relationship users have to the brand to its advantage.

It’s approach to domination is fast and furious and it would rather apologize later than seek permission.

Check out the way it constructs its privacy statements and opt out clauses, they seem to suggest that users will give up a great deal, by not sharing their private information.

This is nothing short of a full scale marketing revolution, one that could tip the scales in Facebook’s favor, as seeks to compete with everyone from Amazon to Google.

Whether they can achieve their fast-paced land garb or heist is dependent on what users will let them do.

Already some analysts and commentators have seen through Facebook’s plans and are calling it as they see it.

It remains to be seen if consumers feel the same way- it’s possible they’ve already either; given up on privacy on all together or have severely scaled back on the type of information they are prepared to share.

The only other thing that could stop Facebook, are its competitors, maybe they will all gang up on this big threat and stall its plan, but perhaps there’s nothing they can do to stop the train.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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