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Gaming is changing and how

January 26, 2010

There’s a nice piece on All Facebook that takes us through a history of the various incarnations of the Farmville game from it’s earliest days in May of 2007 to today.

, Zynga’s game wasn’t launched until June 2009 and has grown rapidly to reach 10 million active daily users by August of 2009 and onto 27 million where it stands today.

It demonstrates how building on people’s existing ideas can be a succesfull formula, but more than that, it shows how gaming is evolving from high powered consoles to social experiences. The Wii showed us the power of social gaming in a physical context, but Farmville shows us how mass social gaming can truly become a phenomenon.

Disecting the elements that make Farmville such a success would be a lesson in how things become social and something a number of brands could learn a lot from.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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