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Ideas that grow business

July 14, 2010

This app from GE is a great example of a utility that should be able to drive incremental business for the company.
GE Light
Bulbs are a boring category, you buy them when one burns out or when a wave of environmental guilt hits you.

Bulbs become more relevant when we think about the light they provide and beyond that, the mood they create.

It’s like paint, we have a tough time imagining these things unless we seem them in context, so there’s a genuine consumer need to make what bulbs do, tangible for people.

Suddenly, with one iPhone application, GE has made bulbs interesting and relevant, but beyond that, they drive people directly to purchase.

It’s a great example of how insight and understanding can make low interest categories pop by solving for a real need that’s out there.

There’s a huge opportunity here for planners to uncover these and work with UI and technologists to bring more of these ideas to life for our clients, ideas that directly impact their business.


Posted by Ed Cotton

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