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Internet media will be television

December 2, 2010

News Anchor

A few days back, Nick Denton of Gawker fame issued a new proclamation to the world which identified 7 key drivers that will define the future of their media brand.

1. The power of the scoop- getting a big story first can change your brand
2. Aggregate or die- you’ve got to be out there on Twitter and Facebook
3. Demonstrate a rounded personality- more than the gutter
4. The web is a visual medium
5. The growth of video ads- that’s where the money is
6. Appointment programing- TV gets tune-in impact
7. Gawker is a branding vehicle- it’s a way to sell yourselves to advertisers

Denton concluded..

If the model sounds like TV, that is no accident. There is no future in low-end web advertising, at least not for a media company with any aspirations. We will offer a larger canvas for both our editors and advertisers; and pair their offerings in the way that the web has so far failed and TV has done so well.”

It seems amazing that after decades of the internet trying so hard to become a new medium, it’s turning into the media that once was its supposed enemy.

The big question here is if all media companies with any aspiration want to be like TV- what do TV companies want to be when they finally grow up?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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