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Merging experiences- musicity

October 8, 2010


The beauty of mobile is that it unshackles people from their desks and lets them roam the real world and still have real-time access to their interactive world.

This is going to be an area where we will see artists and brands try to mine. This is not about just simply running ads on mobile devices, but creating new experiences by merging the real with the interactive and mobile.

One nice example is Musicity, a project from Jump Studios in London, that encourages users to experience buildings and architecture in a new way. Users access Musicity through a mobile application that shows them the geographic location of MP3 files they can play.

These locations are famous and important buildings and the tracks will only play when the user is at the location. It’s basically a self-guided walking tour with a twist.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; the ability of mobility to reach users with unique content and experiences, based on their precise geographic location is going to be a gold mine for those with the imagination to exploit it.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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