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Twitter needs more than the limited oxygen of buzz

January 27, 2010

Twitter might be the brand with optimum buzz at the moment, but it’s not enough to take the brand to the next level.

With Twittergate last July
, a number of sensitive documents were “stolen” including one that defined the company’s mission which is “to be the pulse of the planet”.

Judging by some of the latest data, the brand is some ways away from this mission and from capitalizing on its potentially giant valuation-

40% of accounts have never sent a Tweet

80% of Twitter users have Tweeted fewer than 10 times

Only 17% of accounts sent a Tweet in December 2009

It’s obvious that you don’t need to send Tweets to be able to experience and enjoy Twitter, but it certainly adds another layer of engagement.

Perhaps developers can take the API and create dumbed down clients that encourage more participation, but I would suggest Twitter now needs to start communicating.

Given that Square has the same founder and this is a brand that’s currently not just generating buzz, but it’s also using web celebs/angel investors, like Kevin Rose to tell a deeper story (240k views on YouTube), it would be smart for Twitter to do the same.

I am not suggesting a multi-million dollar ad campaign, but some content that helps dimensionalize the power and fun of Twitter to a broader audience.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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