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With smarter phones- all mobile ads will be like iads

December 16, 2010


We already know the massive leap that was made with the introduction of smart phones to the market, but it now appears our phones are about to become even smarter.

LG are scheduled to launch their Optimus 2 into the Korean market next month and Europe shortly after. This phone has basically the same power as a PC you would have purchased in 2005.

The Optimus 2 has a dual core chip that runs at a clock speed of 1ghz- translated into a user experience, this means- faster browsing, smoother game-play, instantaneous touch and seamless multitasking between applications.

The phone also plays and records video at HD 1080p and connect to HD TVs to allow users to play games. 

This LG is just the first of a whole new generation of phones that are simply much more capable than their predecessors, which has huge implications for potential advertisers. It seems safe to assume that these phones will be cable of showing richer, more engaging graphics and doing it faster.

So, think ad creative that’s TV quality with added interactivity, so everyone will be creating iAd-like objects.

It’s time for adland to ready themselves for a marked leap in quality of ad mobile ad content, but clients will also need to brace themselves for longer lead times and higher production costs.

However, the big question mark over all is this is the speed and power of the network.

Can it cope?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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