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Can creativity be agile?

October 20, 2011

Agile is becoming the new demand for business and in the world of advertising certain parties are calling for planners to move faster- hence the rise of the term “agile planning”.

What about agile creativity?

Is there a way of working faster that could get to something better?

Searching for inspiration, I looked at the antics of the prolific Damon Albarn (the forty something member of Blur and Gorillaz) who always seems to be working.

His most recent Kinshasha One Two project is amazing because of its sheer speed and complexity.

Albarn took 11 producers to Congo and recorded an album in just five days.

They wasted no time- within 30 minutes of landing in the capital, Kinshasha, they were recording samples with a local band.

What’s remarkable is how they managed to work with a wide range of local musicians in a war-torn country, be sensitive to the culture that surrounded them and come away with an incredible album.

In a world where there’s over-production and massively indulgent time wasting, Albarn’s project, Kinshasha One Two is an example of creative agility in action.

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