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A word on the creative brief project

March 24, 2011


Account Planning has to be a dynamic discipline, it should be constantly thinking about how it should evolve and how it can best serve the needs of creatives and clients.

While it sounds like a cliche, this is a moment of time where the whole structure, form and means of communication is changing in front of our eyes. Therefore, this is a good moment to question the format and role of The Creative Brief- one of the main “products” the Account Planner has in their arsenal.

To encourage debate and dialog on the topic “The Creative Brief Project” has been established and found a home on Facebook.

It you are a Planner, Strategist, Connections Planner, UX Person, Head of Global Insights head over here and ask for an invite.

This is a place where Planners should ask questions should creative briefs and briefings, presentations/articles shared and topics debated

Posted by Ed Cotton

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