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Context is everything- goldman sachs

June 17, 2011

We live in an age where the most intelligent algorithms basically run the global economy and manage the most powerful search engines in the world, but they don’t seem to be doing a good job ensuring that advertising is always placed in exactly the “right” places.

Case in point- the above screen grab.

Everyone knows that today’s news from Greece and the serious implications for the global economy should the likely default occur.

Obviously, people would be keen to read more about this and turn to a respected source like Time to learn more, as I just did.

However, while trying to read the story- I could not draw my eyes away from a giant ad unit from Goldman Sachs telling me about all the good stuff they have done for the world.

Something had gone seriously wrong with the media planning system here if Goldman’s massive ad units were appearing SO close to stories containing negative news about the global economy and financial crises.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that I have been flawed by a truly remarkable piece of media planning where the intention was to counter every negative financial story with a positive one about the good Goldman was doing.

However, I doubt this is the case and it’s another example of the faults of a system that buys for quantity and has no control systems in place to ensure a match between content and brand relevance.

This stuff called context matters and I wonder how many other Time readers were struck by the potentially negative impact of the placement on the Goldman brand.

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