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Data as a branding tool

March 17, 2011

Here’s a great initiative from Nokia for snowboarders, it uses Bluetooth linked sensors to provide boarders with detailed data on their runs.

It’s like Nike+, but designed with snowboarders in mind and a great example of the new world of rich consumer generated data. 

Every brand should take a look and perhaps do an audit of the “data” it could potentially generate, capture and share with its customers.

Depending on the category, they can use data to empower consumers and enrich their relationship with the brand.

Just think of the possibilities

– Banks and credit cards richer data on spending and saving to provide data-driven advice

– Department stores that develop more of a “life” concept around their customers by using recent purchase data to encourage cross shopping across the departments

– Car companies to provide detailed trip and journey managers to give drivers a record of the environmental performance of their automobiles and beyond- think road trip adventures complete with maps, video and photos

– Wireless carriers to provide real-time usage data and use it to make recommendations to change plans and phones

– Adrenaline counters for Theme Parks to provide users with a data record of the thrills they accumulate

and more…

Data might not sound like the most creative of things, but married with the right technology, idea and interface it has the power to captivate consumers.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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