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Do your ads do the 5 things they need to?

July 12, 2011

Alex Steer’s great post on The Futures Company blog about the future of advertising can be used to establish a clear set of deliverables that define what advertising now has to do.

1. Interact with your audience:

It has to be interactive-the best stuff always was and still is. It allow the viewer to play the game- to work out the meaning and interpret in their own way

2. Limit the information:

It doesn’t have to be over-loaded with information- other channels can carry the details

3. Be part of a communications ecosystem:

It needs to be a part of a communications ecosystem- because of fragmentation and limited attention span- the one ad strategy isn’t going to work- the ad needs to be surrounded by other access points.

4. Generate purposeful conversation:

Just getting noticed and generating any kind of dialog isn’t good enough- you’ve got to get people talking about something meaningful and relevant to the brand. Be it an issue, a feature, but something about your brand or what you stand for.

5. Contain finely-tuned messaging:

You don’t have to appeal to the masses every-time, we have more opportunities than ever before to custom tailor our ads creatively to reach a specific audience at a specific time. Huge opportunities here for Planners to help creatives with insight about who these niche targets are and what they are feeling right now.

The world of advertising is constantly evolving and this is a pretty good check list for anyone who is involved with making an ad.

While some brands have come close to delivering on all five- no one has checked all the boxes.