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Does your brand have a discovery strategy?

June 27, 2011

In a world where getting noticed seems all the rage, it’s sometimes easy to forget that brands need to play in both camps- they need the awareness and attention on one hand and on the other they need to intrigue and engage their fans by helping them participate in the discovery process.

The viral that goes mass has been “discovered” along it’s pathway to fame by millions of people and their discovery ads strength to the idea.

The distribution/media strategy that VW employed with its Darth Vader Superbowl spot is a good example- a great spot that was strengthened on Superbowl day by the support it had from the people who were allowed to discover it a few days before.

More than just seeding a television spot-albeit Nike is another player who does discovery really well- especially with its stealth stores.

The above photograph of the 1948 store (recently re-launched)  in London is one its latest examples and has fans ask lots of questions like- Why? What? and most important How can I get there to get some of the limited edition gear?

Discovery is a way for a brand to strengthen its connection to its fan base who is prepared to do extra work in return for a bonus of some kind.

If you brand wanted to develop a discovery strategy- here are some of the questions you might ask.

1. Who are our “fans”?

2. What type of discovery are they capable of engaging in- what else have we done that we can learn from? How many layers can we build?

3. What reward would they like?

4. What tools would they use to spread the word to others?

5. Who might they spread it to?

6. Who might our fans want to hear it “first” from?

A well thought out discovery strategy can help energize your brand and give an opportunity for your “fans” to engage and interact in interesting ways.

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