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Famous for 3.9 minutes

May 27, 2011

Researchers at MIT have been investigating the world of 4chan– the online forum populated and popular with young males.

In the study they uncovered some facts about the lifespan of threads on the site.

3.9 minutes was the average based on their calculation.

This is obviously an extreme example of the fleeting (mayfly) nature of content, but indicative of the problem many brands are facing with their communication and there’s only one way around it.

To get attention-you have to do something, that gets noticed, but that effort is no longer good enough, because this attention is so fleeting, you have to build layers and other elements into your idea to keep it interesting for longer.

No one has really talked about it, but the 6 week campaign with two TV spots and a traditional media plan, has to be dead on the wearout of the limited content alone.

Something is obviously happening to people’s attention spans as they are learning how to consume more material because there’s simply more available.

They are coping with the onslaught by giving it less and less attention.

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