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Great ideas now: a how to guide

March 6, 2011

When it comes to benchmarking greatness in the world of communication, it’s never been tougher.

The old formula of making a better 30 second spot than 99.5% of the output, doesn’t suffice any more.

The presentation above tries to imagine both a framework and a discipline for getting to great ideas.

It argues that as soon as we organized the communication world into nice neat boxes and assigned singular disciplines to them, the model broke down.

We now in a world where the boundaries between things like commerce and entertainment have blurred and we are about to embrace a new future where ideas connect and flow seamlessly around and across channels.

To operate in this new world requires three things.

1. A broad team made up of different skill sets

2. With ideas combining and bringing together multiple strands and channels the team is going to have to collaborate to make the effort great.

3. With the opportunity to create multiple executions and forms because of fragmentation, there’s a real danger of executing lots of random ideas with no thread connecting them. To combat this problem, brands need to develop a clear organizing principle that can allow them to provide clear instructions to both their employees and their communicators. 

Posted by Ed Cotton

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