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Innovating the air travel experience

September 16, 2011

In-flight entertainment systems have been the main area of innovation for most airlines- the idea has been to provide travelers with an ever expanding array of options from the comfort of their seats.

The Airbus A380 because of its size- gives airlines a lot of options when it comes to innovating around the space.
However, most developments to date have been fairly standard- making a better business class and cramming more people into the plane are the typical routes.

Below is a video of how Korean Airlines are using the opportunity of the space in the A380 to transform the experience by adding a duty-free store and a bar.

It’s an interesting development that uses physical space to provide travelers with the opportunity to get up off their seats- interact with others- instead of being chained to their seats and the entertainment system.

It’s also smart for Pernod and Absolut to partner with Korean to create a one-of-a kind branded experience that certainly has considerable talk value and provides great exposure for the brand.

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