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Naked communications, ideo, gensler, complexity theory at planningness 2011

April 28, 2011


Planningness is the fantastic creation of Mark Lewis and Claire Grinton.

It’s a marketing conference with a difference because instead of just listening to talking heads and wishing you could do more; you get the stimulus and the chance to workshop it into something useful.

The focus of the event has been to encourage planners to learn and do.

With the discipline of Planning shifting and morphing in the shadow of a changing communication landscape, the palette of skills required by planners has expanded. There are simply more things to learn about, and of course, there’s a premium on those who don’t just know stuff, but can do something with it.

On May 19th-20th 2011, the great city of Minneapolis plays host to the latest Planningness event.

Mark has lined-up a great collection of instructors from the likes of Leo Burnett, IDEO, Naked Communications, Digitas, Zeus Jones, Gensler Architects together with a crew of experts on complexity theory, football coaching, and a psychologist who is going to teach us how to overcome cynicism.

I think this is a must attend event for all planners who want to enhance their capabilities.

In full disclosure, I will be there speaking about how to design for behavior change together with Kristina Pfifer of

Posted by Ed Cotton

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