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Psfk presents an ideas masterclass in san francisco

October 2, 2011

Piers and the folks at PSFK have assembled what looks like a veritable master-class from brilliant thinkers for its San Francisco event this coming Thursday.

If you look for inspiration from the perspective of brilliant ideas, they’ve basically covered all of the bases.

You can learn from Chris Riley– one of the smartest guys around has buckets of experience gained from working for two of the world’s best loved brands Nike and Apple. Chris has been around his fair share of good ideas and used his skills to help make them more powerful.

Eric Ryan, a former Planner and now the co-founder of one of the best-loved names in household products- Method. Eric’s vision was based on an idea of turning a dull category on its head and making it something people would notice and care about. It’s an idea that he not only came up with, but turned into a multi-million dollar brand. Eric also happens to be one of the most passionate presenters you will find.

Yves Behar is one of the hardest working guys in product design- with a new initiative and idea launched almost weekly. Yves is the brains behind Jawbone and the One-Laptop Project and knows what it takes to create an interesting and useful physical product that has a real idea behind it.

Joe Gebbia is one of the heroes of his generation, the founder of Airbnb, which is rumored to have a $1 billion valuation. Joe has a great story and an inspiring presentation, which shows that anyone with a smart lateral idea, some good fortune and a canny persistence, can create their own billion dollar start-up. Joe’s going to inspire you to leave your job and get your idea off the ground.

COMMON is a radical concept, it uses the “Virgin” model (a single core brand with single minded values operating in a range of different categories) to do good things and make the world a better place.

I haven’t even mentioned the speakers from Klout, Flipbook, Wieden, Spacehack, Levi’s , 826 National, Neighbor Goods and One who will also be there.

While it’s very tempting and a lot easier to just sit behind your desk on your computer headphones on tuned-in to Spotify, checking out the stories behind these people on the internet, there’s nothing quite like meeting the speakers themselves, hearing their stories and networking with hundreds of other like minds.

You can’t do all that on the Internet, well, not just yet.

Tell your boss, if they pay, you will present your findings and thoughts to your team or maybe the whole company, it might be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

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