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The creative brief project- day 3- thoughts

February 11, 2011

It’s good to get out and sample opinion, check in and see where people are at. It doesn’t seem that the world is that much further on from where Jon Steel left it, as far as the brief is concerned.

The brief still matters, but only to a point and everyone recognizes the value and the importance of collaborative conversations with creatives.

So, where’s the opportunity for change and improvement, even if it’s incremental?

1.  Co-author briefs with creatives to ensure everyone is happy and motivated by the same idea and takes ownership for it

2. Explore lots of interesting possibilities before the brief is written to identify the most powerful opportunity. Find interesting and collaborative ways to do this.

3. Bring it to life- the brief needs to have life breathed into it- it needs to be a story that can be told and sold and needs people with those skills to make it happen

4. We need to take a good look at brief formats and work out if one-size can fit all and if we have something that reflects the current landscape and could lead to powerful ideas that exist within this context

5. There are more creatives than ever before- do they need different things and how to get them all together to have those important conversations. Who leads? How does it work?

6. If conversations are so critical- how do they get documented, updated and shared? How does the brief evolve over time in its physical form?

I am sure fatigue is setting in, but I would still like to hear more via the comments page on the blog on Twitter using #creativebriefproject

Posted by Ed Cotton

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