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Using social media to buy broadcast tv

March 21, 2011


Having spent the day at The ARF’s rethink conference, I have social media on my brain; there wasn’t one speaker who didn’t mention it, the exhibitors room was packed with social media analysis companies and there was only Grant McCracken who stood up for the humble 30 sec television spot.

What interests me with all these dashboards and data is what clients are doing with all the information?

How they putting the insight into action?

This is why I found this quote from especially interesting, because here is a big financial services client, ING, who clearly still believes in the power of television to sell product, is using social media to fine-tune and direct its broadcast buying.

In other words, coming up with a new way to measure broadcast value.

“Online bank and brokerage ING Direct USA, headquartered in
Philadelphia, uses social networks to make informed media buys. Placing
TV ads is competitive because advertisers and programmers focus on
similar demographics, John Owens, ING Direct’s head of marketing, told Any edge helps, so ING Direct focuses on shows that get social
media attention because, he said, engaged viewers are more likely to see
and remember ads. “If you get 70 to 80 percent of your spend in the right places and
can beat the other guys on the last 20 percent, you’re going to do
well,” Owens said.”

Posted by Ed Cotton

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