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Is this the future of advertising?

August 19, 2011

Q : Is it an ad, a short-film, a car/skateboard movie?

A: It’s none of them and all of them.

Q: Is it for Ford, Monster or DC Shoes?

A: It’s for all of them

Q: Where’s the script?

A: It has no script, no plot – it doesn’t conform to anything we would know as a traditional ad.

Q: Did it have production storyboards?

A: Probably 100s

Q: Does it have a digital component?

A: Maybe? Who cares?

Q: Is it a business changing idea?

A: Probably not

However, it has all the right ingredients to keep the A.D.D. generation glued to their screens- all 4 of them, for 9 solid minutes and has 3.9 million views in four days.

It’s living proof that the power of film is never going to die.

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