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Marketing timing vs. the creative ego

February 13, 2011


An interesting quote from Brad Gray, the CEO of Paramount about his involvement with the success of the Coen Brothers’ movie, True Grit.

While artists need to get their time to get their “art” just right, the market waits for no one and making the Christmas window, Gray rightly believed was vital if True Grit was going to become huge.

“I went to New York to sit with Joel and Ethan in October, and they were just cutting and very very nervous. And we had a Christmas date to hit because we saw it as a big family movie. And obviously that’s a different mindset than they are used to. Joel was saying, ‘Well, I know we can get this done, I know we can get this done’, and Ethan was saying, ‘Brad please don’t make us make this date, please don’t make us make this date.’ And then I said to both of them: ‘Look, guys, if you can make the date, it will be well worth your while because the audiences will respond over Christmas. If you can’t, we will do our best to market and distribute this after Christmas, but you will regret it. So do your best.’ And they called me a week later and said, ‘We’re going to make the date’, and they did.”

From Brad Gray’s interview with Deadline Hollywood

Posted by Ed Cotton

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