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Domestic waste = domestic energy

October 21, 2011

Philips has always been a company that’s dedicated resources to visioning the future.

I’s latest effort for Dutch Design Week is particularly intriguing in the way it integrates microbes and nature into the home.

Their idea is to create a home based ecosystem that filters, processes and recycles what’s normally waste and garbage.

The Microbial Home imagines a very different future to where we are today; where waste becomes a valuable energy resource so Philips has imagined methane digesters that take vegetable and human waste and convert them into methane for energy, lights that use bioluminescent bacteria which are fed by the methane and a plastic waste recycler that use mycelium to break-down plastic packaging waste.

Clearly this plays with our conventional thinking around waste and composting and harnesses the energy function.

We are probably a few years away from being able to imagine this scenario, but given rising energy costs and the reality of peak oil, this is a worthwhile future to investigate.
It will be interesting to see else who else follows Philips’ lead and can find ways to turn domestic waste into energy.

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