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Goldmine- technology meets an aging population

July 22, 2011

If you want to see the US’s future, take a look at Japan- there are some startling similarities; a spluttering economy and a rapidly aging population.

It’s not surprising given Japan’s tech savvy that they would be developing some innovative solutions to try solve the problem of their aging population.

A key issue for most of today’s forty and fifty somethings is looking after their elderly parents; who for a number of reasons live away from the family. This remote care is something that can use a technological solution.

KDDI have taken a look at the problem and tried to solve it with a dumbed down mobile/tracking device. It tries to cater to the needs of both the parent and the child- user friendly communication device and for the children- the ability to track the parent’s location.

This looks like the first of many solutions, but the big challenge that all are going to need to solve is compliance. It’s hard enough to get many of the elderly to remember to take their prescription drugs, so making sure they have the device with them at all times might be tough.

Perhaps the more effective solution would be some kind of robotic pet!

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