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Stop think-tiny headlines with deep impact

July 22, 2011

This might be the start of some kind of series with the idea being to fish out from the internet universe’s thousands of headlines that come to our attention every week, a handful that seem strike us as especially interesting.

1. New York Times adds 281k digital subscribers last quarter via Mashable

No one believed the Times would succeed- everyone has talked about paywalls being a flawed strategy, but the Times has gone out and proved everyone wrong. Now every publisher will try their hand, but only the strongest brands will be able to pull it off.

2. The Rise of Farm Felony via @Stowe Boyd

Food prices are rising and theft could have them rising further unless some intrepid company has a low cost web-based solution for farmers.

3. Brazilian Ad Agency Stripped of Cannes Lion (Brand Republic)

An awards show finally shows some teeth and clamps down on an offender. Are Cannes going to do more of this? Will other shows follow? What are the awards shows going to do to make sure the entries are genuine- how about 2 client signatures and emails?

4. Online Shopping is a Waste of Time- The Guardian

The Guardian reports on the problem of online shopping- delivery time and states that customers are wasting time waiting for delivery. Online retailers can’t seem to find a reliable means of getting stuff to people on time. Could be an opportunity for the brick and mortar guys to strike back with the message of instant gratification and perhaps even convenience.

5.Venezuela’s Leader Runs the Country via Twitter-The Next Webvia Simon Kemp

Chavez has been spending time in Cuba getting treated for cancer, but he’s using Twitter to run the country. While some of his Tweets have been about his country’s performance in the Copa America, he’s also done serious stuff like approving public housing projects. This is further proof of the power of Twitter, how it can be used as a mass communication tool that flex its tone from human and populist, to the serious

6. It’s Hot- Unusually so!!-Mother Jones via Bud Caddell

All kinds of heat records are being broken this month- 1079 to be exact. Huge implications for pretty much everything; from farming, to electrical grids, to healthcare, to energy efficient air-conditioning units, to air quality- the list goes on. Obviously- great for those selling water, ice cream, fans, air-conditioners, ice- but brands in this space need to think more about making these products “better’ at hydrating and cooling, but also how they might do something about the consequences of heat.