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Technology turns everyone into an artist

November 14, 2011

Lowering the barriers of entry into the world of creativity is something technology has been doing for a while, but in the last few years it seems to have accelerated.

Music making and DJ tools have turned your average hipster with some basic music knowledge into a more accomplished creator.

If you want to visually create there’s all of Adobe’s products, which have enabled a whole generation of artists and designers, but these products all have steep learning curves and can’t always be described as fun.

One interesting edition to this growing space is Mixel, partly because it’s been developed by the creator of the New York Times website, Khoi Vinh, but also because of its user experience.

It’s kind of the opposite of an Adobe product; it’s on the iPad which makes it accessible and easy, it’s an instant learn, it’s very low tech and the fun lies in child-like approach to art and the ability it gives users to share and co-create.

You can see kids and tweens playing with this thing, but more than that, it plugs into a cultural meme around low-fi, low-tech creation that’s pretty strong right now- piano playing cats and all. This is about people not taking themselves too seriously and creating something ironic and fun that they can share.


Introducing Mixel for iPad from Mixel App on Vimeo.


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