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A ferrari for families traveling on rugged terrain

March 3, 2011

Ferrari has been known for decades as the ultimate sports car. Its fine racing heritage and engineering has placed it at the top of the list of desirable automobiles for playboys around the world.

However, Ferrari is adapting to a changing world by moving aggressively into electric power-trains and also by understanding a new customer base- “rich families in emerging markets”.

The video for the new FF showing above, shows an entirely new Ferrari; one that’s not only offers four seats, but is highly capable in adverse road conditions. A recognition that its millionaire and billionaire audience in emerging markets might not be blessed with roads that would conform to the standards of Formula 1 racetracks.

Importantly, it shows a brand that is nicely balanced- capable of reflecting the best of its past and reflect its core essence, the FF is no slouch and has a maximum speed of over 200 mph, but a brand that also has the ability to move ahead an innovate for future markets..

Posted by Ed Cotton

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