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Bjork- creates new music hybrid

July 19, 2011

One of the most appealing aspects of the proliferation of new technological channels has been the ability for content creators to allow their content to be accessed on new these new formats. The traditional hardware of old has now given way to multiple increasingly mobile forms.

However, the simple transfer and access of content from one device is not really stretching the potential opportunity. It’s kind of lazy. The real opportunity lies in being able to craft and create a new hybrid that makes the most of the new technological platform that allows the content to be experienced in new ways that go significantly beyond the traditional formats of old.

This is the case with Bjork’s new album-Biophilla
which is being released as an iPhone and iPad application.

Each track is downloaded individually and contains its own set of experiences.

The first track Crystalline, contains; a game, the music score, a visual graphic experience for the track and extensive sleeve notes.

Given that the album is a concept that with the world of science and nature- there’s the potential with the technology to take the listener on a journey through these worlds and it’s clear that’s exactly what Bjork intends to do.

While not every artists has the resources and brand power to pull this type of thing off, Bjork gives us a glimpse into a new media world that pushes beyond the old formats to create genuinely new ways to experience and interact with content.

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