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Coding will be the corporate language of the near future

August 8, 2011

It could easily be argued that computer code and coding is a new language that will be as important as English in the classrooms of the very near future.With technology and the internet becoming such a pervasive part of our lives, ideas and concepts will be living and breathing experiences, not abstract written notions.

Coding literacy will be critically important for those who want to develop future careers, practically everything will depend on it. While today the “language” of the corporate world is a Powerpoint presentation- at best a short-hand version of English and an example of pontification in action, future corporate workers will have to demonstrate what they mean with a tangible idea, rather than a deck.

Coding is going to be a requirement in order to bring ideas to life. Of course, the expectation will not be to create the “full experience”, but a sampling of the idea, so people can make sense of it.

Obviously, this is a radical concept for those in the business of education- the lateral thinking and energy required to make coding part of the general curriculum, will be intense. This isn’t going to happen overnight and that’s going to create huge opportunities for anyone capable of being able to teach coding to a mass audience. This isn’t about computer science or math, it’s going to be a requirement for everyone and if you don’t know it, you could easily get left behind.

Another potential scenario is that “middlemen” appear on the scene who find ways to make it easier to “code” with simple tools that are intuitive and easy.

A good example is SiteCake , which allows web developers to use a simple drag and drop interface to build simple sites.

So, to summarize..

1. Coding is fast becoming a new language driven by internet ubiquity

2. Learning to code will be essential for career progress

3. Demonstrating and showing an idea- rather than talking about it- is going to fuel the importance of coding

4. Anyone who can “teach” the masses to code, will have a huge market opportunity

5. Those who develop “middleman” software that can help people who can’t really code, create, will also have a significant market opportunity


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