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Let’s not do lunch for east africa

October 19, 2011

Sometimes you get to learn the most from doing something outside the normal scope of everyday business.

When Tim Malbon of Made by Many got in touch to ask if BSSP would get involved in the 5050 good (a hub of 50 projects designed to raise 1 million punds) for UNICEF’s East Africa famine relief, we polled the crew and got enough eager volunteers to start thinking about the possibilities.

At BSSP, brainstorms were organized, people were mobilized and an idea was developed.

Let’s Not Do Lunch, is the idea we came up with and it’s now an application on Facebook.

The objective is simple- get people to connect to the cause by stepping very, very slightly into the shoes of those in East Africa and donating what they would have spent to feed themselves.

It’s based on the thought that people usually lunch together and therefore maybe the idea of socially sharing the fact you and others are not having partaking could be interesting.

It’s an experiment and we think could work if people get behind it- we dream of media companies (TV networks, publishers, internet giants) agreeing to give up their advertiser and client lunches for a day and donating the proceeds to UNICEF and perhaps even restaurants, donating tables and putting up “Let’s Not Do Lunch” signs, instead of the typical “reserved” sign.

Anyway, it’s always great to have a chance to learn and it’s even better to be able to do something good.

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