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Netflix’s reed hastings on the pace of innovation

May 7, 2011


“On the Internet you get continuous innovation, so every year the streams are a little better. Now it’s got 3D, now it’s got 1080p, you know, it’ll be 4K in a couple of years, which is ultra-ultra-high-def. With the Internet, the decoders are very flexible, so you can just keep making it better and better and better. … Just 10 years ago, AOL was the king of the world, right? And 56K was the typical speed people connected to the Internet with in the year 2000. Then you just do Moore’s Law, doubling every 18 months … it would predict that this year the average speed would be 14 megabits in the U.S., which is just about right with a cable modem. And if you drag that out to 2021, the typical American home will have one-gigabit connectivity. And that sounds shocking, and then you realize, wait, that’s what Google is rolling out this year in Kansas with their Google Access project.”

Reed Hastings interviewed by Charlie Rose

Posted by Ed Cotton

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