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Our “chained” mobile future

October 29, 2011

Microsoft has put together a fascinating video that imagines our new mobile future.

It’s a future where we connect to intelligent touch screens of all sizes. It suggests a world where data flows seamlessly and where there’s enough intelligence and power built into these devices help us work and connect smarter and true collaboration is a reality.

It’s a vision of intelligent productivity in our work and personal lives and maybe that’s the problem. The more sophisticated, powerful and connected these devices become there will no place where people can’t work, not just on their own, but virtually with other team members. It’s not inconceivable that “downtime” or “leisure-time” could soon become things of the past.

The video suggests the technology will allow us to be more productive and makes the assumption that this is all a good thing. There’s a big danger that the accelerating power of technology makes features like video chat so good they lure us into a false sense of security about the real strength of our personal connectivity and relationships.

Microsoft’s view of the world is one that probably plays well to the shareholders of service-based corporations and might look good on the surface to us as individuals, but dig a little deeper and there’s something quite menacing going on.

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