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Pepsi uk throws down the eco gauntlet

January 19, 2011

Pepsi Can

While many companies seem to be putting CSR behind other initiatives, Pepsi UK is forging ahead. The recently published a report on their CSR initiatives and revealed some impressive goals.

– All energy for manufacturing and distribution will come from renewable sources within 13 years

– Zero water intake at largest manufacturing sites in 10 years- it’s even been trialling technology to extract water from potatoes

– Zero landfill waste across its supply chain in 10 years

– By 2018, all packaging will be renewable, recyclable or compostable- they are currently think of ways to use potato peels as packaging

These are aggressive goals, but combined with the initiatives and experimentation that’s involved are working to position Pepsi as a “thought leader” in the CSR space.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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