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Personalizing mobile experiences

September 9, 2011

With a world increasingly moving towards mobile gaming, there are interesting opportunities to create more personalized and relevant experiences using data about gamers and their behavior.

This suggests a world of individualized gaming experience and advertising that aren’t constrained by release cycle or time.

The opportunity here is to make games that evolve in real-time to user behaviors and are highly personalized.

Basically, the richer the data the more customizable the game solution will be.

What this takes is someone who can crunch the numbers and turned them into actionable insights that can inform game design.

That’s what Svrve does as they explain below.

swrve from swrve on Vimeo.

While they use Google and Amazon as examples of personalization, the concept of personalized mobile experiences make complete sense.

There’s no reason why Foursquare, The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter and the billions of other applications out there shouldn’t adapt and evolve their mobile experiences according to the rich data they have on their users.

The expectation here being that personalization brings greater relevance and attention which are valuable things if you want to secure more advertising dollars.


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