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Socially selling

May 30, 2011

Social Listing is an NYC based start-up that could take some business away from E-Bay and Craigslist.

It’s an application that’s designed for Android and iPhone who’s purpose is to create a geo-social market for things. It’s all based on finding these things around where you happen to be located and one would assume to allow buyers to meet sellers to pick up items..etc.

By focusing on the phone and linking it to social networks- Social Listing has found a way to be much more dynamic than any of its competitors- be they- newspapers, Craigslist or E-Bay.

Success is clearly dependent on buyers being interested enough to change their shopping behavior and SL to be able to build strong local markets of sellers.

In it’s favor- it seems easy and fast- so it could gain traction amongst early adopters pretty quickly.

However, let’s see if any of the competitors can respond to this threat and perhaps deliver something that provides more of the same idea, but with a trusted brand behind it.