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The future is arduino

January 9, 2011

Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD from gnd on Vimeo.

The documentary of the Arduino story might not be the most compelling piece of non-fiction story telling since Grizzly Man, but it’s a fascinating tale that chronicles the rise of an open-source platform that allows people to play and experiment with electronic hardware and software.

The film showcases the key creators and shows how a small, but powerful network can create a piece of technology outside the boundaries of the mainstream world of consumer electronics.

In fact, it’s a lesson for those corporations who exist inside this world of how “open systems” “play” and “experimentation” are going to be critical in the devices of the future.

While the documentary doesn’t dwell much on the technical details behind the software and hardware.

However, one of the most illuminating segments is when the creator of “Makerbot“- one of the first DIY 3D-Printers, that owes its existence to Arduino explains his vision of an open source future; where blueprints for everyday objects are available rights free to individuals to print at home. To illustrate what’s available today, he shows the example of the open source design for a clothes hook.

Obviously, we are at the beginnings of an interesting revolution and it will be fascinating to see how much the DIY movement can push through before corporations step in.

So, here are 5 reasons why the Arduino documentary is worth a watch.

1. It shows us how informal networks can create something of value

2. It showcases a technology that was created outside of the mainstream

3. Global isn’t just a concept, it’s how people think and work

4. Open source is a powerful idea for creating new concepts

5. It demonstrates how the market is looking for more than what technology companies are providing

Posted by Ed Cotton

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