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The new world of news-340 posts/day

May 23, 2011

We new speed was now of the essence concerning news media, but it’s not just speed, it’s also the quantity of stories that now matter.

For the major online players, there’s an urgent need to flood the web with content, just to make sure your site gets the traffic it needs to stay at the top.

Covester has a useful post, where it reveals something about the new scale of news picking on Business Insider as an example of a site that’s now producing over 2000 posts a week- something in the order of 340/day.

Huffington Post is posting around 2,500 per week.

It appears Business Insider is clearly on a growth track and throwing everything it can at improving its numbers.

Clearly, they took one look at Huffington Post’s success and its subsequent sale to AOL and want a piece of the action.

However, it appears that valuations are based on one metric and one metric only- page views and visitors- there seem to be little account taken for quality of material or even quality of reader.

Of course, we all know that once you have the volume of content that you can play some games with Google to get your traffic.


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