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The social tv race

April 25, 2011


Yahoo just made an important leap into the world of social television with the purchase of IntoNow, a company that allows users to check into their television shows and interact with friends via their mobile devices.

This was always going to be a big opportunity area for the company that could get it right and while it seemed likely that people would just engage in this kind of activity on Facebook or Twitter, perhaps a dedicated environment could make sense.

It would allow the user their own “TV” space, but on the downside it might just be one too many applications for the user to have to “check-into”.

Yahoo’s purchase gives IntoNow the chance to scale across Yahoo”s massive user base and to try and gain a foothold against the social giants.

For Yahoo, this is a chance to gain ad dollars in TV, that seems to be growing despite what experts might have predicted years back.

This are early days for social TV, with a ton of players from the networks, to the cable providers and even the carrier networks wanting a piece. As usual, it will boil down to who can scale fastest with the best user experience.

For advertisers, the opportunities to engage your audience across television and mobile simultaneously are really interesting- especially if it can get you lower down the purchase funnel. I expect to see lots of creative innovation in this area with all kinds of interesting tie-ins between TV and mobile.

For Yahoo, it’s an example that shows they are still in the race with a heartbeat.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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