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To accelerate kinect- microsoft brings the ourside in

November 21, 2011

Microsoft’s Kinect has been massively successful, originally built as a reactive response to Nintendo’s Wii, it’s a technology that’s been hacked, played with and manipulated way beyond its original intent.

Microsoft has no idea of its potential, but when hackers played, instead of scolding them, it encouraged them, which gave birth to a whole culture of ideas.

Here’s an example where it looks like Coca-Cola is using Kinect technology to power an interactive billboard in Quito, Ecuador.

Now the company is putting more fuel into the fire by creating an Accelerator program. This is all about going outside the company to bring it brilliant ideas around the future of Kinect.

The goal of the project is to find 10 finalists who will enter a three month incubator program that will give these budding entrepreneurs access to key Microsoft talent, the VC community, plus all the development kits they need and that all important office space.

They are looking for ideas that could change- retail, healthcare, art or even bigger.

It’s a great example from a company one might typically expect to be pretty closed to understanding the opportunities that exist to bring outsiders in and to accelerate innovation.

This leads us to a couple of questions:

1. How do you bring the outside into your brand?

2. What kind of accelerator program would your brand run?


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