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Wanted: brand security

April 27, 2011


Data breeches seem to be happening with ever increase frequency and while the media reports that most young consumers don’t seem to care, it probably does have a certain impact on the credibility of a brand.

If a brand can’t get its data security right, can you trust it to do anything else?

For a brand like Sony who has enough credibility issues already, all they needed was 77 million data records to leave their clutches.

While enterprising twentysomethings seem to be transfixed with building the next Fourquare or Twitter, how about turning your attention to something important that doesn’t rely on ad revenue to pay the bills?

Something like the most rigorous data security testing system on the planet- the Michelin star of data security for commercial enterprises. 

Even NYC restaurants get audited for the cleanliness.

So why doesn’t every major commercial enterprise get audited for its data security?

It’s unlikely to become a legal mandate from government, so what about a “seal of approval”, something that corporations coveted with pride?

Of course, I might expect IBM or McAfee to be naturals to step into this role.

However, with enough media attention around this topic, you’ve got to bet there are CEOs asking their CIOs and CTOs right now, “how safe is our customer data”?

Translated- a massive opportunity for the guys who develop the systems to protect data, but also for a new entrant who could prove that it’s really “secure”

Posted by Ed Cotton

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